Hello Folks,

Recently we purchased some of your soaps at the Port Douglas market. I am an industrial chemist who worked for 30 years with one of the world's leading Swiss fine chemical companies, including a spell as head of the Detergent and Cosmetic segment globally. It was fun.

All that just to say I have some experience with soap, and that your product is outstanding! We all enjoy using it.

Can we purchase it in Victoria?

Yours truly in a lather

Ron, Geelong

I have long and chemically treated hair and have used one of the small guest soaps I bought from you, your husband and your baby in Port Douglas.

Whenever I wash my hair with shampoo (I use the best shampoos it goes frizzy and "buffy" for couple of days. After using your soap my hair looks healthy and manageable.

Most important I have no need to use A LOT and I mean A LOT of conditioner, I don't have chemicals in and on my hair as I don't need to use hair products and my hair feels great and looks great.

I am extremely happy. I have read your brochure and the process of making soap and I am very impressed with the research you have obviously done and the detail you have gone to, to make your products.

It makes all the difference using your product.

Yzabela, Victoria

I came across Soapherb whilst on holidays in Port Douglas some years ago now. We had a great holiday, and being so impressed with the soap upon my return home I looked up the website and to my pleasant surprise found that mail order was possible. Emailing Yvette and Warren turned out to be a joy, and their service in sending off my now regular soap order is great. For me it is like importing a little bit of that Far North Queensland sunshine into Canberra. As I am a Queenslander by origin and at heart, some of you reading this may perhaps understand what I mean. The soap itself is great. Lovely, gentle perfume, a soft and luscious lather, that natural feeling of goodness and bars that last a week in our shower cubicle at home (about 20 or so showers), so that makes them good value also. This means I can enjoy that feeling of extravagance. We have our favourites but I generally leave it to Yvette to send down a selection of about 20 bars, two or three times a year, and each of the soap bars is wonderful. Having met Yvette and Warren during my return visits to Port Douglas it is easy to see why their product and service are second to none. I thank them for their contribution of a little bit of sunshine to our household.

Jo, Canberra

 "I've used Soapherb for the past five years -there is no other product like it, especially for the face. All other cleansers leave my face dry and don't clear imperfections. Soapherb is the only product that keeps my skin clear without drying it - no other product comes close. These lovely, natural soaps are proof that the best beauty products aren't necessarily the most expensive."

Jane, NSW

Dear Warren & Yvette,

We have recently been in Port Douglas and *fell in love* with your candles.
Can you please email me the prices of the candles including the travel cans with all the available fragrances. We have friends who live local and are planning on sending them to the Sunday market to purchase them for us.

Thanking you for your assistance.

Lee & Frank

I have been a convert of this soap since the very first bar I bought 4 years ago. We got talking to some lovely people at a market stall in Port Douglas, bought some soap and have never looked back. They ended up becoming good friends of ours. I can't use regular soap now as I have been spoilt by the best. It leaves a lingering fragrance after using it, and I keep it in my towel cupboard to make all the towels smell great. I also like to give the soap as gifts, and it is always well received. I cannot speak highly enough of Soapherb; it is the best soap I have ever used, and will continue to use as long as they keep making it!


Leslie, Cairns