Liquid-Soaps-01-450Hot processing is a soapmaking technique where heat is applied using a double boiler after the trace stage to accelerate saponification. The soap is thoroughly cooked until saponification is complete. This process dates back to the dark ages when they used to boil soap in vats over open fires. The hot process method is essential if clarity is desired, as the high temperatures are needed to completely neutralize the excess fatty acids that cause cloudiness.

At Soapherb we use the paste method instead of the alcohol/lye method for our liquid soap base.

We mix the oils and the lye solution together until it traces and cannot be stirred anymore. We then transfer this paste to the double boiler where it is cooked over regulated temperatures. The paste then goes through many different phases until it resembles a consistency of Vaseline. Once it reaches this stage the paste is done. It is now ready for dilution. We use pure North Queensland rain water to dilute our Soapherb liquid soaps.

In the dilution phase is when we add our pure essential oils. When the paste is completely dissolved it is then transferred to a clear container to sequester. This is the resting phase and allows any cloudiness to dissipate.

Our Soapherb liquid soaps are now ready for bottling and packaging for you to enjoy.