Cold process soaps are made without any cooking or high temperatures. Cold process is natural, all the components of the oils are retained, particularly glycerin which is often removed from mass produced soap. Glycerin is a very important component in high quality soaps. Glycerin attracts moisture to your skin.

Soapherb cold process soap is cured for several weeks before sale. This allows the completion of saponification, the very process of making soap.

Mass produced soap is subjected to high temperatures and usually contains chemicals including those derived from petroleum, they are not naturally, but chemically cured. They often contain animal fats and the glycerin is removed during manufacturing .

At Soapherb, each batch is equal to 100 bars of soap. Temperatures must be maintained just above body temperature during mixing. On completion of mixing, the liquid is poured into a wooden mould where it remains for two days. It generates its own natural heat as it goes through the first stage of natural saponification. As Mother Nature does her work it actually turns a dark brown, sets and returns to its intended colour before being removed from the mould. It is stored for several weeks to complete the final stages of natural saponification. Then, by hand, it is wire cut, stamped with the "Soapherb" brand, and packaged. It takes four to six weeks to make high quality, natural soap. The only energy used is a small amount during mixing process. There is no waste and no damage to the environment.