How-To-Body-300To effectively use our soaps and to get full benefit from the rich, quality, ingredients, you may have to acquire some new habits.

Soapherb soaps, when used as recommended, will lather to a rich creamy finish using little soap.

Wet your body, turn away from the water flow of your shower and with soap in hand apply a small amount of soap to face washer or loofa. Place soap on the shelf or in a dry soap dish. Then rub the soaped face washer or loofa over your body. The soap will immediately develop a rich, creamy, luxurious lather. Allow a few seconds for the oils to penetrate your skin, don't be in a hurry. Turn back into the water flow and rinse thoroughly. Your skin will be soft and silk like.

You will be amazed how little soap you have used. Used as recommended it lasts a long time. Keep your soap in a soap dish away from moisture. Avoid contact with the eyes.