How-To-Body-300To effectively use our soaps and to get full benefit from the rich, quality, ingredients, you may have to acquire some new habits.

Soapherb soaps, when used as recommended, will lather to a rich creamy finish using little soap.

How-To-Hair-300Use Soapherb on your hair with a result that will surprise you. Some shampoos have similar ingredients to engine degreaser and chemicals (even poisons) to strip your hair of natural oils requiring conditioners to restore it.

Soapherb cleans your hair without stripping. It is not always necessary to use a conditioner. Soapherb can be used on bleached hair.

How-To-Liquid-Soap-300Soapherb liquid soaps have no added additives or thickeners so they are not as thick as a commercial variety that you may be used to.

Take care when using Soapherb liquid soap by cupping your hand close to the outlet so as to avoid spillage or misdirection of the soap.

How-To-Candle-300Did you know that a candle has a memory?

This is very important to know, and if the candle is extinguished before a full melt pool (a melt pool is when your soy wax is melted across the entire top of the soy candle) is achieved on the first burn , the subsequent melt pools will not go past the first burn ring.

How-To-Reed-Diffuser-300Reed diffusers consist of three components. A glass container, a set of reed diffuser sticks/reeds, and diffuser fragrance oil. Most people use a glass bottle for the diffuser oil, as plastic or metal containers may react with the diffuser fragrance oil.