Reed Diffusers

In addition to our soap and candle range we now offer Reed Diffusers. Reed Diffusers are another way to scent your home, office, apartment etc where fire safety regulations do not allow the use of candles. They are a great way to enhance the smell of a room without an open flame.

Reed diffusers consist of three components. A glass container, a set of reed diffuser sticks/reeds, and diffuser fragrance oil. Most people use a glass bottle for the diffuser oil, as plastic or metal containers may react with the diffuser fragrance oil.

The reed diffuser uses fragrance oils mixed with a special non toxic dispersing base oil, allowing the reed diffuser to add scent to any room. The reeds themselves are made from rattan, a natural plant material. They contain tiny holes that travel the full length of the reed and draw or suck up the fragrance to help disperse it. The rattan reeds are the best performing diffuser reed, and should not be confused with bamboo or solid rattan reeds, which do not perform as well.

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